Prof. Reinstein founded the London Vision Clinic in 2002 and holds professorships at Columbia, Ulster, and Sorbonne Universities. He developed Artemis Insight VHF digital ultrasound technology to improve corneal and phakic intraocular safety. Prof. Reinstein also developed PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision for presbyopia and was deeply involved in SMILE as the Lead Consultant to

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Henrietta HO

Dr. Henrietta Ho is a consultant glaucoma surgeon at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Dr. Ho graduated from Kings’ College London, and completed residency training at the Singapore National Eye Centre. She was awarded a travel grant for best free paper by the European Association for Vision and Eye Research in 2014, and the Association

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Paul Ursell is one of the UK’s leading cataract surgeons and has devoted his professional career to improving cataract surgery to make it safer and easier for patients. He has personally performed over 10,000 cataract operations in a career spanning 25 years. As one of the few surgeons to be awarded an MD degree

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