Dr. Ohashi is the director of Ohashi Eye Center in Sapporo and a visiting lecturer of Hokkaido University. He was a strabismus surgeon and neuro-ophthalmologist at Hokkaido University until 20 years ago when he switched to cataract surgery. Last year, he performed more than 1400 cataract surgeries, including 150 toric lens implantations. He is interested in astigmatism during cataract surgery and toric lens implantation. He has presented his data to several international meetings recently. His research interest now is “What is the difference between image guided system and manual method in deciding the position of steep meridian of cornea during implantation of the toric lens”.

Summary of Presentations

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Friday, 31 May 2024
Crystal Ballroom 1, 5F
14:20 - 14:27hrs
(S9) A BREAK IN THE CLOUDS - Cataract & Complications (14:00 - 15:30hrs)
Difference Between Digital Method and Manual Method for Deciding Steep Meridians to Implant Toric IOLs Axis